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Mafoder Group


Mafoder Group

Mafoder Group is a family-owned Moroccan SME specializing since 1985 in the manufacture of high value-added parts for the industrial, urban planning and construction sectors.

Website creation

Mafoder Group, a benchmark industrial partner for Moroccan and foreign companies supplying value-added solutions in the industrial, urban planning and building sectors since 1985.

Project objectives

  • Offer visitors simple, intuitive navigation
  • Enable display adapted to each type of screen (PC, smartphones and tablets)
  • Create and maintain a news system with the addition of a blog
  • Maintain consistency with the existing visual identity
  • A classy, sober web design in keeping with luxury
  • Optimize the site for search engines (SEO) and gain visibility
  • Site security is our mission
  • Site optimization
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