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Oussama Benchekroun


Oussama Benchekroun

Oussama Benchekroun is a change specialist. Interested from an early age in psychotherapy, and particularly in brief therapy, Oussama decided to make his childhood dream come true, and became a psycho-practitioner. He specializes in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and therapeutic hypnosis. Oussama Benchekroun also specializes in sex therapy and sophrology. He is also a practitioner of couple and family therapy.


  • Full Responsive Design integration on a WordPress base
  • Creation of a Web design model preserving the site’s identity

Project objectives

  • Offer visitors simple, intuitive navigation
  • Enable a display adapted to each type of screen (PC, smartphones and tablets)
  • Create and maintain a display system for projects produced by the agency, with excellent work recommended
  • Maintain consistency with existing visual identity
  • Multi-language site in French and Arabic
  • A classy, sober web design in keeping with luxury
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